In recent years, new technologies have had a positive impact on the business of Structured Products.

As Vizibility’s focus is on democratizing Structured Products, our goal is to provide the best tool for advisors, so they can build their portfolio and manage them in the best possible way.

The primary objective of standardizing terminology is to provide a global comprehensive system for managing the entire lifecycle of products, which facilitates detailed analysis of structured product portfolios. This is a significant transformation in the industry because it enhances risk management, transparency, and the ability to make informed decisions.

Vizibility´s Lifecycle Manager improves efficiency up to 90% and increases revenue serving capacity up to 300%

But let’s start with the basics, what is Lifecycle Manager?

Vizibility’s Lifecycle Manager is an innovative and powerful tool for advisors looking to manage investment portfolios. The platform has a range of features designed to streamline workflows and enhance decision-making capabilities.

Some of the standout features include the ability to receive event notifications, anticipated cash flow, generate product factsheets, generate performance reports, and access insights & data to monitor and build a Structured Product Portfolio. These features allow advisors to assess investment opportunities and track product performance quickly and easily, ultimately leading to better outcomes for their clients.

Our Lifecycle Manager is a game-changer for advisors looking to manage their portfolios more effectively. By offering centralized management with powerful features, which allows the advisor to make better decisions, and ultimately deliver more value to their clients.

How exactly does Vizibility’s  Lifecycle Manager can help me to save time?

Lifecycle Manager saves time by providing investment advisors with a single, centralized platform to manage their alternative investment needs. Our platform eliminates the need to click through multiple tools to access the data and resources needed to complete a single transaction. Instead, everything is conveniently located in one secure place, which saves advisors time and efforts when researching and analyzing different investment vehicles.

In addition, Vizibility’s Lifecycle Manager streamlines the entire investment process, from researching to analyzing to tracking, with a suite of customizable tools that can be tailored to an advisor’s specific needs. This allows advisors to work more efficiently and reduces the risk of errors.

Furthermore, by simplifying tracking and monitoring of performance activity, Lifecycle Manager can help advisors stay on top of their client’s investments, without spending unnecessary time on data collection and analysis. This frees up more time for advisors to focus on other important tasks, such as building client relationships and developing investment strategies.

Vizibility’s Lifecycle Manager is driven by excellence, we are the best technology partner that you can find to elevate your Structured Product Business. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the structured product industry.

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