Vizibility announces its outstanding achievements in 2023, with robust growth and the acquisition of new clients in various regions such as US, Europe & Asia.

The year 2023 has witnessed a significant expansion of Vizibility’s global presence. The company has successfully captured the attention and trust of clients in multiple regions, solidifying its position as a preferred choice in the industry.

One of Vizibility’s notable initiatives during this period has been its adaptation to a more international market. In response to this evolution, we are pleased to announce that the platform is now multilingual, allowing users to choose between English, Spanish, and French. Moreover, Vizibility is currently developing Italian and Chinese versions as part of its ongoing geographic expansion efforts.

Aurelien Vicart, Managing Director of Vizibility, highlights the platform’s adaptability in all aspects: “One of the main virtues of our platform is its flexibility. We can offer different payoffs and adapt to the different business models of our clients, making us the most versatile platform in the market. From Singapore to Chile to France, we┬┤ve been able to cover our client’s needs without new development.”

The language expansion decision underscores Vizibility’s dedication to global diversity and inclusion, meeting the unique needs of users worldwide. This milestone is a major step in Vizibility’s internationalization strategy, showcasing the platform’s versatility and industry leadership.

As Vizibility advances its internationalization strategy, this achievement emphasizes the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation, bolstering our confidence in the future and further strengthening our global market position.



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