Geneva – 28 August 2023VIZIBILITY, a leader in digitalization solutions for Structured Products, is excited to announce the successful completion of its spin-off from Capital Vision S.A., resulting in the establishment of two independent companies poised for focused and strategic growth.

The spin-off from Capital Vision signifies a strategic shift, aiming to enhance specialization and better address the distinct needs of both entities’ clients. VIZIBILITY is now uniquely positioned to forge ahead with institutional agreements with Distributors such as Private Banks, Broker-Dealers, or Insurance companies centering its efforts on a tech-driven approach for monitoring and managing Structured Products portfolios. This refined approach includes an advanced Life Cycle management toolkit, incorporating sophisticated features such as anticipated cashflow analysis and precise evaluation of underlying exposure by Delta.

In contrast, Capital Vision remains committed to its core mission to empower wealth managers to craft superior Structured Products portfolios that align seamlessly with their clients’ financial aspirations.

Aurelien Vicart, Managing Director of VIZIBILITY, highlighted the significance of this development, stating, ” The spin-off’s completion is a significant milestone for VIZIBILITY, highlighting our resolute dedication to driving the digitalization of Structured Products. This strategic step enables us to pursue fresh opportunities for client-centric growth and value enhancement. Crucially, it must be emphasized that the spin-off is not merely nominal. VIZIBILITY operates from distinct offices, staff, financials, and licenses. The unmistakable reality is that this stands as a completely independent business venture.”

Jerome Zenteno, the Managing Director of Capital Vision S.A., emphasized their role as pioneers in the digitalization of the structured products industry. He stated, “We are proud to have been the pioneer in the digitalization of the structured products industry. VIZIBILITY has been a real game changer for us, and we highly recommend any Distributors of Structured products, from Private banks, Brokers, or Insurance companies to explore the tech-offer provided exclusively by VIZIBILITY. We wish the best of success to the team.”

In an industry where ownership matters, VIZIBILITY stands out as one of the few SP platforms to be independently owned. This achievement underscores VIZIBILITY’s self-sustaining nature, having operated fully since 2018 without the need for external financing rounds. This success story solidifies VIZIBILITY’s position as one of the most recognized platforms, even ahead of larger platforms with shareholders such as private banks and investment banks.

This strategic spin-off enables Capital Vision and VIZIBILITY to operate independently and focus on their core strengths and long-term value creation, under separate management structures.

Both VIZIBILITY and Capital Vision are committed to delivering exceptional value and insights to their respective clients, and this spin-off underscores their dedication to that mission.


This press release contains forward-looking statements that reflect the current views and expectations of Vizibility’s management. These statements are subject to risks, uncertainties, and assumptions that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations.